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How do you wear a candle?

It’s simple! You just light the candle before you get in the shower or take a bath and once you're out, extinguish the candle and use the oil from the candle that melted to moisturize your body. You don't ever need a reason to light it though. Some people melt it before bed to use the ingredients to moisturize themselves or massage their hands and feet. The possibilities are endless.

Are the scents strong?

Our candles are meant to make your skin feel and smell amazing. Unlike room candles they are not intended to change the fragrance of an entire room. Our body candles are made to be skin safe so the percentage of fragrance is kept low to keep you safe and healthy!

Will I burn myself?

NO! These oils and butters burn at a lower temperature so you won't burn yourself. You simply extinguish the fire and pour the warm oil directly on your skin or in your hands.

Is this regular candle wax?

No, there are many types of waxes for candles, but the wax in our products are coconut- soy (Vegan) which are all natural and skin safe. The candle will not turn to wax on your skin like regular candles because it’s oil. These candles are full of high quality, eco-friendly oils and butters that are skin safe.

How do I care for my candle?

Learn more by going to our linked page about candle care, maximizing your moisturization, and wood wick care.

How to get the best use out of your candle?

We recommend applying body oil just after a bath or shower while the skin is still damp to help lock in moisture. You’ll just need to  pat the skin dry with a towel before applying a thin layer of oil wherever you need a bit of extra moisture.

Will it help to improve my skin condition?

These candles have been shown to moisturize and soothe dry and irritated skin. Some people have seen an improvement in their eczema. If you suffer from dry skin and other dermatitis conditions it is recommended by dermatologists to shower or bathe in tepid to warm water and moisturize the skin immediately after while skin is semi-damp.

What kind of ingredients do you use? 

Our candles are made with all phthalate-free ingredients that are skin safe. They include oils and butters such as Shea and Vitamin E that are organic and ethically sourced. Our ingredients include oils that are high in fatty acids and omega 3’s. 

Is it safe for sensitive skin?

Absolutely! These candles were created for those with sensitive skin in mind. Both Zoë and Nicole have sensitive skin and eczema so we worked hard to find ingredients that would noursh the most delicate skin. Although many people with sensitive skin have tested our products, this does not guarantee that you won't have sensitivities if you have allergies to some of the oils and butters in the candle. We recommend that you test on a small portion of your skin before applying to your entire body

Can I use GloË by Zoë on my face?

No, we recommend that you use this candle on your body from the neck down. Some of the oils and butters in the candle are thick and could possibly clog your facial pores.

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