Step Into Your GloË

GloË by Zoë was founded in 2018 by mother and daughter duo Zoelani (Zoë) and Nicole McCollum. Strong, beautiful black women with passion and big dreams, Zoë and Nicole decided to launch the GloË by Zoë candle line as a way to empower themselves and other women of color (especially black women) to invest in their own vision and do the things that bring them joy and peace. They want to send the message to women that it is a priority to center and take care of themselves, mind, body, and soul.

  • Meet Zoë

    Zoelani is a 12 year old entrepreneur who loves reading, playing volleyball, and like most teenagers she really enjoys technology. Zoë was inspired to create Gloë by Zoë after attending a youth entrepreneur fair in Oak Park, Illinois. She decided that the next year she would be there selling her own line of candles, Unfortunately due to Covid 19 the fair was cancelled the following year. The extended time at home allowed Zoë and her mom to research, pivot and perfect their craft. Zoë and Nicole take immense pride in their product and want to show the world that we all deserve to feel special!

  • Meet Nicole

    Nicole is a Doula, Lactation Consultant, and activist for Black Women’s health, birth justice, and BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) civil rights issues. Being an advocate for people of color (women of color particularly) wasn’t a choice for Nicole, it is her life's mission to bring equality to an underrepresented, underappreciated group of exceptional people that deserve to shine as much as anyone! For the last five years Nicole has focused on health equity, traveling the nation and facilitating workshops that teach healthcare providers and staff how to deliver healthcare that is equitable and patient-centered. However, Nicole's dedication to her field and professional accolades did not shield her from experiencing mistreatment and racism in her own workplace. So, she was inspired to create Gloë by Zoë as a way to show her daughter that climbing the corporate ladder isn't the only way to achieve success. Through this venture she is teaching Zoë that her passion, faith and drive are all she needs.